2020 Southwest Street Project

Updated 4:30pm 10/21/2020

The project contractor will be installing curb and gutter on the remaining portion of the project area beginning on Thursday, October 22, weather permitting. Impacted residents will not have access to their driveways and will be asked to park vehicles on side streets or in City lots. Residents may park in front of their homes once the contractor has completed the burb installation and removed equipment. To enable the concrete to cure, please do not drive on it for 7 days.


Project Area:

  1. Phase 1: 2nd Street SW from 2nd Avenue SW to South Main Street, and 2nd Avenue SW from 2nd Street SW to 3rd Street SW.
  2. Phase 2: 2nd Street SW from 4th Street SW to 2nd Avenue and Kenely Court.


Work Completed to Date:

  1. Water main, hydrants and services replaced in entire project area.
  2. Sanitary main, manholes and services replaced in entire project area.
  3. Storm sewer catch basins and manholes replaced in entire project area.
  4. Private utilities:
  • Xcel Energy – power poles conflicting with project have been relocated for both phases.
  • Minnesota Energy – new gas main and services installed on both phases and in Hillcrest.
  • BevComm – relocating fiber on Phase 1.
  1. Road Subgrade and sidewalks prepared for Phase 2.
  2. sidewalks and curb and gutter have been poured on Phase 1.
  3. Asphalt pavement has been installed on Phase 1.
  4. Topsoil placed and sod installation started on Phase 1.


Upcoming Work (in the next +/- 1 week):

  1. Phase 1:
  • Finish pouring driveway aprons and grading aggregate driveways on Phase 1.
  • finish placing sod.
  1. Phase 2:
  • Finish preparing road subgrade.
  • Pour concrete curb and gutter, sidewalks and driveways.


Church Parking

  1. Please remember to remove your vehicle from the lot on Saturday evening by 9 PM, as the Church is having services in the lot on Sunday mornings.
  2. For emergency purposes – please register your vehicle with the church. Call (507) 356-8925 and provide your name, address, phone number, make/model, and license plate number.


Mail – the mail boxes will remain where they are until the pavement is finished

Trash – Please bring trash to the end of your driveway by 5 pm the night before your scheduled trash pick-up. Please write your address on the top of each container so it can be returned to the correct location

Dust – The contractor will be watering the road to help reduce the amount of dust. Please let us know if there is an issue

Vanessa Hines, PE
Civil Engineer
3777 40th Avenue NW Suite 200
Rochester, MN 55901-3297